Crux Fermentation Project

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› 11a – 10p Tue – Sun
Beer me!


Hmm, your beer list looks yummy, do you have a cocktail list to boot? Um, What part of › f e r m e n t a t i o n do you not understand?
Should I bring the fam? Oh yeah! Bring the kids, your parents, and your four legged companion – if it’s nice out.
Can I pop a squat, order a pint, and watch TV? Pop a squat, check. Order a pint, check. Watch TV, nope.
Got any tips? Be there 30 minutes before and after the sunset!
Walk, bike, or drive? Bike it,  drive it, or walk it if you’re lucky enough to live close-by.
Last one – Is there like a locals night or something? SUNDOWNER! Beer and appetizer specials just before and after the sun sets!

Est. 2012 – What the crux?

You don’t have to look to the sky for this conflux of awesomeness. Located in the former AAMCO  building where North, South, East and West converge, Crux offers craft goodness in a transformative atmosphere that showcases both the new and reclaimed – tastefully. Brought to you by a tight crew of passionate individuals who’ve lived the craft industry for some time, this place should be on your go-to list while in Bend.   The name? “Fermentation lies at the crux, or pivotal point, of the brewing process,” explains the Crux website. “It’s that critical moment where everything comes together.” Pints up! Cheers!

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Established: 2012
Crux brewmaster Larry Sidor is always in pursuit of the next great beer—beer that defies taste profiles with its complexity and creativity. We’ve designed our brewery to allow for non-traditional brewing methods like decoction mashing, open fermentation, oak barrel aging, wild yeast strains and experimental hops. Initially, we’ll only have a few thousand hectoliters of capacity. With added fermenters and bright beer tanks, we could push that to 11,000 hectoliters (or around 9,000 barrels). But we kinda like being small. It makes us nimble and free to experiment in ways that just aren’t possible with larger batch sizes. Housed in a former transmission shop and mill supply store, Crux Fermentation Project was built by a community of beer lovers. To everyone who contributed ideas, materials, sweat and support, thank you. And cheers.