Rat Hole Brewing

Rat Hole Brewing › 384 SW Upper Terrace Dr › Map it! › 541-389-2739 › ratholebrewpub.com
Hours › 12p – 10p Tues – Sat
Beer me! › Beer brewed in cleaned up shed – previously a “rat hole”!


Beers are great, but can ya hit me with a stiff drink? For sure! Tall pint with a Whiskey back coming right up.
Should I bring a rat trap? Nope they got it covered.
It’s so cold and lonely at home, can I come over and watch TV? Yep, stop on by, pull up a seat, and watch some sports!
Got any tips? Live entertainment on Tuesdays!
Walk, bike, or drive? Walk if you work nearby, bike if you live close to the Old Mill, or drive if you are so inclined.
Last one – Is there like a locals night or something? For sure, Wednesdays are the day for $2.50 pints!

Est. 2013 – Reach for a Rat Hole.

Al & Susan Toepfer spent a good amount of time transforming a barn on 10 acres of rural ranch land southeast of Bend into a nano brewery. In 2013, with Brewmaster Al Toepfer, Marketing Director Ken Deuser, and many more family members, they took a big step and decided to start bottling beer and open up a pub right in The Old Mill District.

Rat Hole will be brewing the standard, Reds, Porters, Browns, IPA’s, Pilsners, in addition to some specialty/seasonal brews like Pumpkin Spice Ale, Summer Lemon Wheat, Saison, and a Blueberry Ale. Cheers!

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Established: 2012
Rat Hole Brewing is a start up Nano Brewery in Central Oregon housed in a barn on 10 acres of rural ranch land southeast of Bend. A short walk from the brewery is the owners’ residence. The owners Al and Susan Toepfer, with Asst. Brewer & Marketing Guy Ken Deuser, and many more family members have spent two years taking a very run down barn that sits atop a 20,000 gallon cistern, into the great little brewery you see and taste today. Rat Hole will be brewing Red Ales, Porters, Browns, IPA's, Pilsners, Wheat and Specialty Beers. Some of the Specialty Beers will be seasonal brews such as Pumpkin Spice Ale, Hazelnut Brown, and Vanilla Porters as example. Other specialty beers will be a Summer Lemon Wheat, Saison, and a Blueberry Ale Rat Hole Brewing handcrafts its beers in small batches under the close personal attention of their Head Brewer Al Toepfer & Asst. Brewer Ken Deuser. Using traditional brewing methods, Al & Ken ensure a "most excellent" taste consistently. We package our beer in bottles & draft kegs. Prior to becoming a commercial brewer, Al was a home brewer for many years. Ken Retired after serving 25 years in Navy traveling the world, and of course, tasting World Beers.