Love good beer? Love Bend? We’re two for two! 31 Central Oregon breweries, here’s the breakdown: Bend Breweries 22, Redmond Breweries 6, Sisters Breweries 1, Prineville Breweries 1, Sunriver Breweries 1, Cheers!


Deschutes BreweryEst. 1988, Bend – The one and only “original craftster” brew pub, formerly known as Fish Brewing! Stop by  the now two-story pub, aptly  named “Brew 1”, that started the craft brew industry in Bend. Woot! Visit the Deschutes Brewery page.

Cascade Lakes

Cascade Lakes Brewing CompanyEst. 1994, RDM – Cascade Lakes has grown from a small brewery in a Redmond airport industrial zone to a brewery with several locations around Central Oregon – the best one being in, um – Bend of course! Read more about their flagship location on the Cascade Lakes Brewery page.


Bend Brewing CompanyEst. 1995, Bend – There are lots of great reasons to swing by the “BBC” as we lucky Bend locals know it. The crowded and intimate space has a patio facing the Deschutes River – Nice! Read more on the Bend Brewing Company page.

Silver Moon

Silver Moon BrewingEst. 2001, Bend – Of all the brewpubs in the Bend area, none has a better live-music scene than Silver Moon. The Moon Room presents concerts by national and regional acts at least once a week. Sound good to you? Then read more on the Silver Moon Brewing page.


McMenamins Old St Francis School PubEst. 2004, Bend – Most visitors instantly find McMenamins Pub on Bond Street, perhaps sneaking a peek into its basement, where colorfully painted brewing tanks occupy what once was a children’s nursery. Read more on the McMenamins Old St. Francis School page.

10 Barrel

10 Barrel Brewing CoEst. 2007, BendBrothers Chris and Jeremy Cox, co-owners of JC’s Bar & Grill in downtown Bend, made a decision to brew their own beer. They launched the Wildfire Brewing Company in 2007 and renamed it 10 Barrel. Nice! Check out the 10 Barrel page to read more!

Three Creeks

Three Creeks BrewingEst. 2008, Sisters – It didn’t take long for the Three Creeks Brewing Company to garner a strong following in Sisters, the gentrified country town northwest of Bend. Designed with an Old West appeal, Three Creeks is a family-friendly brewpub. Read more on the Three Creeks Brewing page.


Boneyard Beer CoEst. 2010, Bend – When Tony Lawrence launched his brewing company, he went straight to the “boneyard.” In different jargon, you might say he went to a used-car lot searching for a classic vehicle. Them bones are tasty! Read more on the Boneyard Beer Co page. Cheers!

Below Grade

Below Grade BrewingEst. 2011 – 2016, Bend – Dean Wise provided local beer enthusiasts with a community brewery that produced fine ales from his 250-square-foot “below grade” 1-barrel brewery. Dangerous Kate will be missed.

There are plenty of local resources that cater to the good beer experience! Sit back have a pint and check out our quick guide to beer in and around Bend. Bend, Oregon, has some kick-ass breweries! Whether you’re a local or a visitor, there are great options for a good pint or two, or three! Cheers to that!

Brew Wërks

Old Mill Brew WerksEst. 2011 – 2015, Bend – There was a European flavor to this elegant but casual space overlooking the Deschutes River. With a dedicated chef focusing on “brew pub fusion dining” they were serious about their cuisine as they were about their beer. Read more on the Brew Werks page.


Goodlife Brewing CoEst. 2011, Bend – Since opening in a warehouse in mid-June 2011, GoodLife Brewing Co has become a neighborhood favorite, the cornerstone of the new Century Center complex on Bend’s west side. It’s also home to Backdrop Distilling! Read more on the GoodLife Brewing Co page. Beers!

Phat Matt’s

Phat Matt’s Brewing CompanyEst. 2011 – 2013, RDM – Phat Matt’s brewed some tasty craft beer from its warehouse-turned-brewery on the north side of Redmond. Find out who was behind the brew on the Phat Matt’s Brewing Company page.


The Ale ApothecaryEst. 2012, Bend – Paul Arney, fuses an intense passion for old-world craft brewing and history of frontier alchemy to his brewery in the woods. Previously a brewer for Deschutes, read more about Bend’s only “Steam Punk Brewer” on the The Ale Apothecary page.


Crux Fermentation ProjectEst. 2012, Bend – Larry Sidor partners with Paul Evers of TBD Agency to form a small-batch brewery with big, hoppy, malty, tasty – oh, and crafty, ideas. Intrigued? Check out what the former brewer for Deschutes has in store on the Crux Fermentation page.


Solstice Brewing CompanyEst. 2012, PNVL – Opening August 2011 as with a great selection of regional brews, “Solstice Brewing” tapped their very own pale ale December of 2012! Read more on the Ochoco Brewing Company page.


Sunriver Brewing CompanyEst. 2012, SNVR – Enjoy a pint of this resort town’s first craft brewery! Quite possibly the kid friendliest brewpub in Central Oregon. Check out the Sunriver Brewing Company page.

Smith Rock

smith-rock-brewingEst. 2012, RDM – Stop by and have a pint in Redmond’s 3rd brewery, named after an epic climbing spot just about 9 miles north. Their tasty craft beer, food, and guest taps await, in this town just north of Bend. Check out the Smith Rock Brewing Company page. Cheers!

Shade Tree

Beer-Me-Bend-Logo-SmallEst. 2012, Bend – Shady indeed – There’s little info on this nano brewery – I’ve seen few articles, blog posts, and actually ordered a pint of this brew in local pubs – it’s actually pretty good! Got something – share it. Cheers!

Rat Hole

Est. 2013 – 2016, Bend – A retired well traveled Navy homebrewer starts a nano brewery located in the lower east side of Bend and housed in a shed (now rat free) on 10 acres of rural ranch land. Check out the Rat Hole Brewing page. Cheers!


Worthy BrewingEst. 2013, Bend – Locals rejoice to Bend’s first full production brewery and restaurant on the East side of town! Check out the Worthy Brewing Co page for all the deets and to see what other “craziness” this brewery can lay claim to! Cheers!


Brewery-Banner-OblivionEst. 2013, Bend – With 20+ years of brewing under his belt, former head brewer for SLO Brew (now Firestone Walker) Darin Butschy slaps on his rubber boots and heads straight for Obilvion!

Bridge 99

Bridge 99 BreweryEst. 2013, Bend – Here’s a factoid – the brewery is named after this bridge in the Deschutes NationalForest. Check out the Bridge 99 Brewery page!


Beer-Me-Bend-Logo-SmallEst. 2013 – 2016, Bend – Brew shop met brew pub, met long time home brewer in this short lived brewing venture that brews no more, but is still a pub.


Beer-Me-Bend-Logo-SmallEst. 2013, Bend – Dan Olsen, formerly of Deschutes and Lagunitas is the inaugural brewmaster of RiverBend Brewery. Check out the RiverBend Brewing Company page. Cheers!


Beer-Me-Bend-Logo-SmallEst. 2014 – 2017, RDM –  Named after a tree you see pretty much all over Central Oregon, Redmond’s 5th brewery official closed its doors just after 3 years. Cheers!

Wild Ride

Brewery-Banner-Wild-Ride-BrewingEst. 2014, RDM – These guys mean business. Starting off with a brewer whose previous adventures include Kona Brewing and Laurelwood. Redmond’s 6th brewery, we’re in for a Wild Ride. Cheers!

North Rim

Est. 2014 – 2017, Bend – Bend’s 1st brewery of 2014, crafted up traditional style Northwest Ales in addition to some Belgium inspired goodness. No mas!


Beer-Me-Bend-Logo-SmallEst. 2014, Bend – Two partners realize there’s a need for some Belgian brews in “Beer Town USA”, and Monkless Belgian Ales is born. Cheers!


ReEst. 2018, Bend – Craft beer met kitchen from 2015 – 2017, but with a reorganization they are back at it!

Fresh Tracks

Est. 2015 – 2016, Bend – Former Old Mill Brew Wërks partner started fresh with another brewery that was short lived in Bend!

Tranquilo MSA

Est. 2015, Bend – Making award-winning NW Mexican Style Ale, Tranquilo Beer is brewed from start to finish with traditional Mexican music.

Kobold Brewing

Est. 2015, Bend – Longtime Bend resident and award winning home brewer starts his very own brewery!


Est. 2016, Bend

Crooked Jay

Est. 2016, Bend


Est. 2018, RDM – Two experienced brewers with a 4.5bbl system start Geist Beerworks!

Boss Rambler

Est. 2018, Bend
 – A couple formerly from Crux and Boneyard team up to brew anew!


Est. 2018, RDM – Brewed with a purpose – it’s “beer that tastes good and does good”!


Est. 2018, RDM –  Family owned and 100% cask conditioned ales!

Spider City

Est. 2018, Bend
 – Hard to find and not yet registered with the state!

What’s Brewing

A short list of breweries that are either in development or just rumored. Mystic Roots Brewing Co., Bevel Craft Brewing, Initiative Brewing! Watch some Brew Tube, check out the Hop Map – and by all means, have a pint while you’re doing it – did we say that already? Better have two just in case. Cheerio!

Got the skinny on these breweries, send me a note.