Bend Beer Blogs

Beer me Bend! is about good beer in Bend, Oregon. We may have the occasional infrequent post (maybe) – possibly when something epic in the Bend craft beer scene happens, but chances are the local pint wielding bloggers will already be all over it – they’ll be your best bet if you’re looking for detailed craft beer reviews, happenings. These guys (ladies, if you’re out there – send us your blog feed) will be blogging about craft beer in Bend before anyone else. Keep in mind, just like a good beer, the blogs with the freshest content are going to be the best.

Also, all of the Bend breweries have a social component, but it’s mostly about news that relates to them. You can check out the latest haps on the “Social Tap” section of any brewery profile and most pages on Beer me Bend! to see what’s hoppin’. Cheers!

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