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As if having kick ass breweries in Central Oregon just wasn’t enough, there are tours that take you to where they make good beer, restaurants that serve you good beer, and retailers that stock local and regional craft beer. And at one time, where there now resides a Starbucks, there was a brew shop – converted from an old Italian restaurant, which was converted from an old church – that would sell you just about everything you’d need to make beer – whether it was good or not was up to you. While the thrill of walking into a brewery supply store/pub is gone, there are still options.


There also was once a Central Oregon Brewer’s Guild, which is now part of the Oregon Brewers Guild – hit them up for beer events around the state.


Mecca Grade Estate Malt › An estate malthouse in Madras, Oregon. With the perfect location in the rain shadow of the Cascades these folks provide some of the most sought after malts in Oregon.

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Beer me! › Dedicated beer steward to answer all your hoppy questions and beer tastings on almost every Friday!


Oregonized Brewing › When the Brew Shop shut its doors in 2020, there was no (local) options to pick up some brewing supplies, from equipment to ingredients. It was a bummer for the home brew crowd. These guys opened an online store to fill the void.

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Beer me! › Local pick-up available!


Tumalo Hops Company › Between Bend and Sisters lies a 5 acre natural hops farm growing six varieties of hops – Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Zeus, Golding and Nugget hops. Started in 2008 by Gary and Susan Wyatt and their neighbors.

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Beer me! › Local brewers are welcome to visit!

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