Kobold Brewing

The Vault Taphouse › 245 SW 6th St, Redmond › 541-504-9373 › Map it!koboldbrewing.com
Hours › 12p – 9p Sun – Wed | 12p – 10p Thur – Sat
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WTF is a Kobold? It’s a leprechaun-ish, spirit, creature of sorts that likes beer and mischief. Just wiki it.
Any plans to sell to ABInBev? Nope, strictly a small batch brewery with a focus on keeping it tight.
Can I pop a squat and watch the game, get a taco? It’s a 600 sq.ft. brewery not your moms house, but their Taphouse in Redmond The Vault.
Another brewery, really? Indeed! And if you like barrel aged beer, keep an eye on this one.
Last one – Is there like a locals night or something? Nope – but your best bet would be to live in the neighborhood and hope for a block party! 

Beer Geek Out with Kobold Brewing

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Bonus reasons to raise a pint!

  • Home brewer turns production brewer!
  • Named after a beer sprite!
  • Westside represent!
  • Not owned by ABInBev!

Est. 2015 – Westside Kobold Story.

Kobold Brewing is creating with some local favorites with a twist. For example, pulling 60 double shots of Lone Pine espresso for their chocolate espresso stout and then putting the same stout in an Oregon Spirits bourbon barrel – which according to Steve Anderson, owner and head brewer, blends superbly. Steve really enjoys the creativity of brewing, and the flavors of cask conditioned beer. “Finding the right balance of bitter and up front hop flavor and aroma in an IPA is a blast.” Conditioning in barrels is going to be a focus of Kobold Brewing and Steve plans on adding gin, wine and hopefully tequila barrels to their current collection of bourbon barrels. After we coax the deep, rich flavors from the barrels we will move on to sours.”  For Steve the science of beer is paramount but the art is where the real joy is. “I love to create and build and beer is no different; when the result is something delicious and sometimes complex it’s tremendously satisfying. Cheers!