Boneyard Beer Co

Boneyard Beer Co. › 37 NW Lake Pl › Map it! › 541-323-2325 ›
Hours › Tasting Room › 11a – 6p Mon – Sat
Beer me! › Wednesdays! $7 Growlers! Beer it up on hump day!


Sure ya got beer, but how about a shot of tequila? It’s a tasting room buddy, bring your growler.
Should I bring the kids or leave them in the car? Not a great idea, unless your kid likes watching you taste beer — and leaving your kids in the car is probably not a good idea, either.
I got no TV, can I come over and watch yours? Nope, but pull up a stool and taste some beer.
Got any tips? If you run out of soap, they got you covered.
Can I get some tasty beer to go? WTF kind of question is that? Hell yes, bring a growler, bring two if it’s Wednesday!
Walk, bike, or drive? Walk, bike, drive or take a tour.
Last one – Is there like a locals night or something? Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday! (say fast like a Monster Jam radio promo).

Est. 2009 – Them bones are tasty.

When Tony Lawrence launched his brewing company, he went straight to the “boneyard.” In different jargon, you might say he went to a used-car lot searching for a classic vehicle. Fortunately for beer drinkers, that’s exactly what he found among the discarded vats and other brewing devices he acquired. His investment money went into the quality beer that he now shares with visitors in his small, off-the-beaten-track pub, located in a residential neighborhood near downtown Bend. It’s not a place to come to dine: Boneyard is all about the beer. Cheers!

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