2014 Bend Beer Camp

April 23, 2014
Think of Bend Beer Camp as your beer concierge, scheduling a combination of beer-centric events with the best outdoor activities Bend has to offer.

The first ever Bend Beer Camp has been announced for June 19-22, 2014

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“Think of Bend Beer Camp as your beer concierge, scheduling a combination of beer-centric events with the best outdoor activities Bend has to offer.”

“Bend Beer Camp is summer camp for big kids,” said James Watts, a founding partner of the venture. “We’re looking forward to filling the gap that exists between the traditional beer festival that provides a variety of beer tastings in a short period of time, and the formal educational offerings that are largely aimed at those who want to make a career out of brewing beer.”

The camp will take place over three nights and four days, promising a full agenda. Campers will be treated to a VIP experience on opening night, which coincides with a local Bend event, the Fermentation Celebration, hosted by the Old Mill District. Campers will enjoy private beer tastings, brewery tours, conversation with some of Oregon’s best known brewers and activities such as rafting, fly fishing, mountain biking, hiking and a formal Beer Pong Tournament that will be open to the general public.

Chris Maskill, a fellow founding partner, adds “we plan to start small, allowing about 50 Campers in year one in order to create a very personal experience, and really get some great feedback from the group to further perfect the experience for next year.”

Community partners, contributors, and sponsors include Deschutes Brewery, Cycle Pub, Old Mill District, Bend Brewing Company, Sun Country Tours, and Silver Moon Brewing. The weekend will include a first ever Beer Pong tournament also open to the general public. Breweries and sponsors are encouraged to sponsor and fully decorate their own regulation Beer Pong table to be featured at the event.

Rounding out the trio of founding partners is Joel Thomas, who says, “we believe the bundled price for these great activities and a fantastic craft beer experience is a tremendous value for our campers. If you think about it, we’re offering a service that leverages economies of scale for a sizable group, and a set of experiences that most visitors to Bend would pursue anyway.”

Camp options will include single or double occupancy, and there will be a limited number of “Day Camper” slots available for local residents. Those interested are encouraged to register with a “camp buddy” under the double occupancy rate, and online registration will be available later this week.

Further information is on the Bend Beer Camp website at bendbeercamp.com, as well as the Facebook page, or by calling (541) 286-5317.”



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