Ochoco Brewing Expands

November 16, 2015
Prineville’s full-service brewery is growing! They’re moving down the street to a larger location with more food, more space, and of course more beer.


Prineville’s full-service brewery is growing! They’re moving down the street to a larger location with more food, more space, and of course more beer. Joseph Barker, Owner and Head Brewmaster, says the move will allow them to double the number of taps available and triple their kitchen size, enabling more creativity in both brewing and cooking options.

To accommodate the move, Ochoco Brewing will close on 11/15/15 and reopen at 380 North Main Street on 11/18/15.

Looking further to 2016, a separate brewery space on Madras Highway will double Ochoco’s production and pave the way for 22oz bottles and 16oz cans.

Ochoco opened in 2011 as Solstice Brewing, and has created a loyal following in Prineville and Central Oregon since. More details on the move and new locations can be found below:

Ochoco Brewing to open new restaurant and taproom in Prineville
Prineville’s selection of locally-made brews will double in size next week. Ochoco Brewing Company, Crook County’s only full-service brewery, will be moving just down the street to a new location at 380 North Main Street. To prepare for the move, the current brewery and pub will close November 15th and reopen on November 18th in the new space.
“We’re really excited about this opportunity,” says Joseph Barker, owner and head brewmaster. “The kitchen is triple the size of what we have now, which will allow us to grow our menu in the future and offer more ethnic options for Prineville as well as catering services.” Barker said they want to be able to offer family style ethnic meals from Italian to Thai. “Although most breweries get pegged as ‘Pizza’ and ‘Deep Fried Food’ emporiums, our skilled staff are able to create many exotic dining opportunities to complement our local brewery offerings as well as fulfill Prineville’s need for something beyond the status quo.”
Earlier this year Ochoco Brewing Company started offering breakfast on weekends to meet the need for more breakfast options in Prineville. “Our breakfast is focused on a playful but satisfying menu.” Items like the Stuffed French Toast, Beer Battered Pancakes, house-made Corned Beef Hash and the Chocolate Chip Pancakes are classics built to satisfy. “We roast our own Corned Beef and prepare our country gravy from ground sausage, bacon, onions and cracked pepper corns. We try to do everything from scratch whenever we can.” The restaurant and taproom is open for lunch and dinner Monday thru Thursday and opens at 7am for breakfast Friday through Sunday.
Ochoco Brewing Company currently offers 8 beers on tap and will double that number to 16 along with a full bar. In addition to the new restaurant, Barker has secured a new brewery space at 937 NW  Madras Highway, which will open next year. That will allow Ochoco Brewing to double production and offer 22 oz. bottles and 16 oz. cans by summer of 2016.
“It’s all about our customers,” explains Barker. “We’ve had a loyal following since opening in 2011 and our goal with expansion is to make Ochoco Brewing a premiere place to enjoy hand-crafted beer, good cocktails and great food with family and friends.”


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