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Sunriver Brewing opens up a pub in Bend!

Out with the old and in with the new right? Well in this case it’s out with the old tenant, which also happened to be a brewpub: Oblivion Brewing – which by the way is still crafting most excellent brew.

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Ochoco Brewing Expands

Prineville’s full-service brewery is growing! They’re moving down the street to a larger location with more food, more space, and of course more beer.

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Bend Brewing Company changes owners!

It’s official! One Bend’s first breweries changes hands!
The Bend Brewing Company is actually one of the reasons this town was so appealing to us when we moved to here in 2000 – so upon hearing the news a couple of weeks ago about the sale, I was both sad and elated to hear it.

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2015 BendBrewFest!

The BendBrewFest, Bend’s epic beer event is just around the corner. August 13-16 means four days of serious craft beer drinking.

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2015 Central Oregon Beer Week Events

Looking forward to this event once again! Central Oregon Beer Week has grown in scope and is now in it’s 4th year! Managed by myself, Ryan Sharp, and Miles Wilhelm – It’s for sure a passion project.

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